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About Us

Africa presents a complex and evolving commercial, economic and legal environment. Since its founding in 2016, the Firm has remained dedicated to serving our clients through the engineering of legal solutions that best translate our clients’ business needs into successful projects and transactions as they expand and prosper across the African continent. 

Over the years, our clients have included national and subnational governments and related entities, international development institutions as well as multinational and local enterprises who all seek to ensure compliance with the intricate legal and regulatory landscape governing their respective sectors.

The diversity of clients reflects the Firm’s capacity to tailor solutions to specific client needs.

Local Footprint, Global Reach

Our clients need counsel who are not only experienced in international transactions, but also with a genuine knowledge of the local economic, legal and regulatory regimes, languages, customs and cultures of the jurisdictions in which they transact.

Because we believe that the key to success in every project or transaction is a multi-disciplinary approach that delivers practical solutions, we through our network of local and international local counsel and technical experts experienced in the fields of tax, ESG, EPCM and financial advisory.

Our mission

Our mission and values are our guiding light and foundation for everything we do whether it is business development and client service, project implementation or how we work with each other as a team.

Our mission is to provide contextualized, tailor-made, and responsive solutions that demonstrate a nuanced understanding of our clients’ business priorities. 

our values


We are committed to excellent and dedicated client service, high quality work standards, and attention to the finer details.


We value your time and seek to solve your complex legal issues yesterday and empower our team to take action and make decisions.


We nurture and value creativity and versatility. We are committed to taking initiative and introducing new ideas that translate to action quickly. We anticipate future legal trends and work towards accelerating positive change for your business.

We have the depth and experience to support your success.

We have the depth and experience to support your success.