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Commentary on PPP Bill 2021

The Public Private Partnerships Bill, No. 6 of 2021 published on March 12th, 2021 (the “PPP Bill”) is intended to present a solution to current institutional and governance hurdles that have plagued the successful implementation of PPPs in Kenya over the last 8 years.  If passed into law, the proposed legislation will repeal the Public Private Partnerships Act, No. 15 of 2013 (the “PPP Act”).   

 The PPP Bill comes at a time when both the public and private sectors are at their wits end at the protracted delays and inefficiencies that have come to be associated with PPPs, casting doubts about the effectiveness or suitability of PPPs as a procurement mechanism for large scale infrastructure projects in the country.   

We highlight below a few key features in the PPP Bill which may be of interest to potential private parties, practitioners and contracting authorities at both levels of government.   


Follow the link for full Article:- Commentary on PPP Bill 2021

Article by: Mary Chege