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Public Procurement: Contracting with Government

As both government and private sector players continue to face increased scrutiny in the utilisation of public resources, we work with our clients to navigate through this complex area of public finance law and procurement at both the national and sub-national level.

We advise state-owned enterprises on compliance with the legal and regulatory regime governing public finance management as well as public procurement and disposal of assets.

We work with private sector clients to ensure compliance with international and national bidding processes in the preparation of their submissions.

Our lawyers have been involved in procurement support to both private and public sector clients and supported in evaluation, negotiation and post procurement contracting and contract implementation reviews.

Recent assignments include providing legal and procurement compliance advisory for the Feasibility Study for the Fibre Backbone and Access Network Expansion in East and Central Africa Project covering Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and DRC. We have also successfully supported a bidder in the procurement process for solar street lighting within the Nairobi Metropolitan area.

The Firm has advised a state-owned corporation in the structuring, procurement and contracting and provided negotiation support in respect of three multi-purpose dams. Finally, the Firm has prepared key policy documents for clients including Finance and Procurement Policies as well as Anti-Fraud and Bribery Policies and Whistle Blowing Policies to guide their procurement processes.

The firm authored the Kenyan Chapter in the 2019 Edition of Chambers & Partners Global Practice Guide on Public Procurement and Government Contracts which included an analysis of the legal and regulatory framework in over 20 jurisdictions globally.